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photo of Maryland House

Maryland House

Sited on a city infill lot of an older Houston neighborhood, the house is designed around a pool courtyard that allows natural light to enter. The living spaces have a direct relationship with the pool and open onto the pool deck. Wooden screen doors slide out of the wall so that the courtyard is always open to the house. The doors and floors, and some of the furniture is made out of Brazilian cherry wood that gives the house a consistent warmth. The clients are empty nesters and required separate work studios.


photo of upper west end townhomes

Upper West End

The project is within the West End district which has recently been redeveloped. The popularity of this area is due to the proximity to downtown and Memorial Park, Houston’s premier green space. Upper West End consists of approximately 200 townhouses in four phases. The overall design strategy was to implement a neighborhood cohesion and create townhouses (1400–1850 S.F.) with open spaces. The neighborhood cohesion was achieved with color and sidewalks. A palette of four colors was chosen and repeated throughout the development assigning a color to each townhouse.

photo of Bastrop Plaza townhomes

Bastrop Plaza

Minutes from downtown, Bastrop Plaza is an area of the Third Ward that is being revitalized. The stragetgy was to create affordable townhouses without compromising quality and be consistent with the open floor plan we are known for. All the townhouses (1600–1900 S.F.) have three bedrooms and loft style living.