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architectural digest article


Featured in Architectural Digest, August 2002.

This vacation home is set on the edge of the Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge near the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. The unique setting created an unusual development environment. The design and construction of the home had to meet the very strict development codes for the Refuge. Set on top of a hill with partial views of the sea, the house is constructed amidst the trees to preserve the jungle that surrounds it.

Cover of Architectural Digest featuring Yupon Townhomes


Featured in Texas Architect, May 2001.

One of the challenges our company faced in designing and building these town houses was working within the new City Development Ordinance. The new garage setbacks led us to provide a striking design in which the garages are not the prominent feature. For these 2800 sq. ft. townhouses we wanted to develop a new form, with a vibrant, innnovative look

Article in Houstn Chronicle magazine


Featured in Houston Chronicle, November 9, 1997.

“Parra’s clean contemporary interior architecture pays homage to arts and crafts styling...” writes Ms. Madeleine McDermott Hamm about this house in the 1997 Houston Chronicle article titled “Texas style fits well in Montrose”. Our goal for this 4000 sq.ft. residence was to create a style that would stand out yet not intrude into the neighborhood.

El Refugio

photo of El Refugio photo of El Refugiophoto of El Refugio

Yupon Place

photo of Yupon Place photo of Yupon Place photo of Yupon Place

Hawthorne House

photo of Hawthorne House photo of Hawthorne House photo of Hawthorne House