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Upper West End is our latest project that employed LEED features. We have applied for silver certification for this project, which is pending.


Programmable thermostasts with humidistat for reducing the humidity in the home without cooling or heating.

photo of air conditioning unit

A/C units rated at 16 SEER and using a single condensor unit with variable speeds for increased effciency.

Refrigerants that are environmentally friendly.

Dual flush toilets to reduce water consumption.

Tankless water heaters to improve hot water supply and lessen energy demand.

Roof insulation increased to reduce heat gain through the attic.

photo of workers laying pavers

Permeable hardscapes used to allow water to filter to the soil and avoid flooding.

Native trees and turf planted to reduce irrigation and water demand of the landscaping.

The following measures were employed during construction.

A waste management plan was implemented to reduce waste.

photo of black plastic

Soils were protected from erosion.

Local materials were used when available.

photo of interior of trash container

Construction waste was tracked and partially recycled.

Low VOC materials (low contamination effect) were used.